Creative Placemaking and the Fight Against White Supremacy

Years ago, I began a personal project, perhaps a foolhardy one. My father is Sri Lankan-American, and he came to this country in the sixties. Sri Lanka remains a classist society, with a caste-system still in place particularly in more rural parts…

(This was written in spring 2020. I recently revisited it to see how much holds up. Turns out — all of it.)

A mini-manifesto for post-covid return to routine.

Notes and thoughts on what to keep, what to discard.

Waking up.

I see things differently now. …

on bodies and self-awareness postpregnancy

Content warning: blood, pregnancy

An image of red dye dropped in water that looks like a thread of blood, with ribbons of red color moving in waves around the thread.
red dye in water

Since age eleven, I have been “blessed” with regularity in my cycle. The few exceptions to this gift have been (1) the pill and related hormonal adjustments, (2) a copper IUD and related blood loss, and (3) pregnancy. Aside from these event-based interruptions, my cycles have…

On Christianity and Donald Trump

When I was younger, my father would sit me down at the dining table for a Bible study, or call me into his office for a life lesson. I’d reluctantly meet him, weary for another lesson after an already long day of private, Christian school…

Thoughts on assistance for small businesses, lenders, and technical assistance providers

an empty dining hall

The Context

For the past two months, my colleagues and I have been working around the clock and through the weekends as we help thousands of businesses navigate the CARES act and corresponding programs.

Our staff has waded through…

Ten takeaways five years after The Purge

Friends, (Insert pandemic cliche here.)

I’m going to write about something not-so-serious because it’s proving beneficial during a rather serious time. In 2015 I embarked on a magical mysterious journey. (No, not that kind.)

In 2015 that Kondo Magic was all the rage…

A tree broke and is laying in a river, on the left you can see its fractured, splintered trunk, the tree in the water
Broken tree after a storm.

Authors: Jamie Schumacher is a first-generation Sri Lankan-Polish American. Shelley Wang is a Chinese immigrant, originally from Mainland, China. Both authors live in Bloomington, Minnesota.

— — -

Living 2,000 miles away from our family support networks means our “village” consists of friends and neighbors. On Mondays, we used to…

Jamie Schumacher

Author of It’s Never Going to Work, artist, writer, and community organizer. She / her / hers.

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